How to: Login to itunes (Itunes Login)

Having problems with your iTunes Login?

An iTunes Account is important and it is used for various things. If you have the application (iTunes) you may be able to have Songs, Videos, Movies, Ringtones, Podcasts, and other free apps whether they are paid or free from the iTunes Store.  It is also used in computers, iPad, iPod and the iPhone. Here I will show you a Guide to iTunes Login.

You will need  – The  latest version of the iTunes application
-  A computer with the operating system of  Windows or Macintosh
- A valid e-mail Account
-  A working internet connection

Follow the following steps:

1. Click on the iTunes Store

2. Click on an app or anything that you want that is listed as “Free” (It means that there is no require credit card data to download that app)

3. Then, another window will pop up and there will be a button that says, “Create New Account”  click on that button.

4. The next screen will appear reading “Welcome To The iTunes Store” click on the Continue button.

5. In the “iTunes Store Terms & Conditions” Check the box marked “I Have and Agree …” then click Continue

6. Next go to a page that asks you to enter your account / email reply address is valid,the password (the password should be different from the email), questions and answers, the date and month of birth. Then click the Continue button again

7. On the “Provide a Payment Method” is important here if you want to have a prior application or any reply for free on iTunes select “None”. In other woods please fill in the fields with the appropriate data and valid, then click the Continue button again

8. When the data / td stuffing all the appropriate page will appear that say you have successfully created an account and you are directed to verify that account by signing in and open the email you register your account and then look for an email from TD Newest iTunes and then click the links go direct reply to Verify your iTunes Store account

9. Last will appear again popup screen Sign-in. Please enter your email account and your iTunes Store password.


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  1. I would like to reset my iphone itunes

    • Pam Savage on said:

      I am trying to put facebook on my I Phone and it is telling me an update is required. It say this app requires iOS 4.3

      I tried to log in and it tells me my password is not valid.

  2. jarelharvin on said:

    i need some good apps

  3. jarelharvin on said:

    well i got a i pod touch and i need some new apps for today

  4. Says to login on the computer

  5. Trying to get more games

  6. Melanie Lake on said:

    This is all new 4 me, but im learning!

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    a vida

  9. i had alot of songs on my old apple. now i have a ipad i went to my old account to transfer all my songs and it says i have nothing . please help

  10. Love u all

  11. Cheryl Thomas on said:

    I recently downloaded music from my library to my IPad . I wanttodelete some of it. How do I delete an album or artist?

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